A short story: At Least I’m Not in East Texas

By Teka Lark

July 14, 2015 Sandra Bland was found hanging in a cell in Waller County Jail in East Texas after being arrested after a traffic stop on her way to start a new job. On July 16, 2015 the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Blue Line Train celebrated its 25th anniversary of service. My great-great aunt was burned alive in her home in East Texas after she and her sister shot two white men who had raped her. Her sister, my great-great grandmother, disguised as a white woman escaped to Los Angeles with her new husband posing as her driver. They settled in a part of Los Angeles now known as South L.A.

In 1913 W.E.B. DuBois wrote in the magazine Crisis, “Los Angeles is wonderful. Nowhere in the U.S. is the Negro so well and beautifully housed…. Out here in this matchless Southern California there would seem to be no limit to your opportunity, your possibilities.”

The Blue Line train was built in 1995 in South Central……(READ the rest at Anarres Project)

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