BGBF Tickets

The Blk Grrrl Book Fair is Saturday, June 3 from 12-5:30 p.m. this also includes an exclusive event with noted published writers TBA that begins at 6:00 p.m.

Tickets include all day entry to the exhibits, panels and afterhours talk. Tickets purchased before February 1 are $20.00 after February 1 they are $25.00. Those of you who have privilege have the opportunity to buy less advantaged folks a ticket for $45.00.

Children under 12 are free.

You can nurse your child anywhere at BFBF, but the BGBF will have areas where parents can sit down and small children can play.

We are a feminist book fair and will support all mothers (parents) in their participation in this event.

General admission: $20.00
The Blk Grrrl Book Fair is for everyone. Cis, trans, Black, Asian, Latina, white, immigrant, men…we want you here. Come to our fair. We love everyone.


Accomplices and allies: $45.00
Do you have the privilege of disposable income? Help out one of your less advantaged family and spot them a ticket when you buy yours. Thank you so much. We appreciate you.


Social Justice Sister Ticket: $5.00 limit one per person available through February 15.

We appreciate the work that you do. We don’t want money to be a barrier for your participation. BGBF loves our accomplices in the fight for justice, but some of us in this system have greater challenges than others owing to that these tickets are for cis women , trans women, femme and non-binary people.