The Bare Minimum is Worthiness

There are many, who long before me, figured out that success is what you determine it to be. That worthiness is innate. I am a fat, middle-aged unemployed, “uneducated” Black woman and yes, I am valuable. You are valuable too, whether we have amazing careers, a fine pedigree, are the right skin color, body size, body ability, mental or physical health, gender, or not. That being said, I still must survive and deserve, more than that to thrive, because I exist.

The Scary Gangsters of South Central Los Angeles

By Teka Lark In South Central Los Angeles there is a gang war going on, but not the one they are writing about. There will be #100days100nights of terror, because every day a person gets foreclosed on in South Central. Everyday a person loses their job and every day someone joins the ranks of our…

The Blk Grrrl Show! with Linda Kite and Nana Gyamfi

The Blk Grrrl Show! with Linda Kite and Nana Gyamfi. A commentary on anti-black racism on the left or rather a challenge that the idea of racism is strictly a symptom.

I talk to civil rights attorney Nana Gyamfi about white supremacy, the 14th Amendment, the 4th Amendment and the importance of the law in getting justice for African-Americans. Then I talked to Linda Kite.director of Healthy Homes Collaborative who used Prop 65 (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement of 1986) to clean up substandard housing conditions in Wyvernwood in the Eastside Los Angeles community of Boyle Heights 90s and the current fight to save Wyvenrwood.

Teachable Moments #GrowingUpWithMyName

By Teka Lark About 12 years ago me and and a bunch of poetry asshole types were hanging out after a poetry reading at Pete’s Cafe in downtown L.A. A person who constantly pronounced my name incorrectly overheard another person say my name correctly and in the ‘I’m just saying way’ asked me, “Am I…

Gangs, God and the Great Society

Never married women poverty rate in the U.S. is 21%. Married women poverty rate in the U.S. is 6%. You compare women without children the poverty rate for unmarried women in the U.S. is 18% and the poverty rate for married women without children is 4%.
That smells like sexism to me.

Echoes of L.A.

I know it’s a show, I know people have contact when dancing, I know that it wasn’t by design, but I also know that white folks, maybe in particular young long, lean tall blonde white folks – drunk off their ass don’t have any problems taking up space. No matter who else is in that space.

Nonprofits: The Drug of Choice for Social Justice Junkies

Nonprofits are the cheap perfume on the sociopath drug dealer that is capitalism.

Private industry will not fund nonprofits enough to do anything, but to prepare to write more grants to foundations and to go to more parties for networking.

Instead of making change, nonprofits beg for change.

Damn, Baby : A Read

By Jess Lee What the fuck?! What the fuck am I supposed to do with that? I don’t have any more room for any more unsolicited compliments at random intervals of my reckless ass life. I “made your day”?  Well I’m so happy for that. I’m so happy to interrupt my recovery to peel your…