The Bare Minimum is Worthiness

There are many, who long before me, figured out that success is what you determine it to be. That worthiness is innate. I am a fat, middle-aged unemployed, “uneducated” Black woman and yes, I am valuable. You are valuable too, whether we have amazing careers, a fine pedigree, are the right skin color, body size, body ability, mental or physical health, gender, or not. That being said, I still must survive and deserve, more than that to thrive, because I exist.

Echoes of L.A.

I know it’s a show, I know people have contact when dancing, I know that it wasn’t by design, but I also know that white folks, maybe in particular young long, lean tall blonde white folks – drunk off their ass don’t have any problems taking up space. No matter who else is in that space.

Social Media, White Privilege & Why Black Folks aren’t Too Sensitive

By Vanessa Leigh Lewis We live in a country where white is the default; beauty is measured in standards defined by whiteness. Racial controversies can appear small, but are common place.  Remember the racist backlash from white fans (largely millennials), when Amandla Stenberg, a young mixed race actress who plays Rue in Hunger Games discussed race…