The Scary Gangsters of South Central Los Angeles

By Teka Lark In South Central Los Angeles there is a gang war going on, but not the one they are writing about. There will be #100days100nights of terror, because every day a person gets foreclosed on in South Central. Everyday a person loses their job and every day someone joins the ranks of our…

Gangs, God and the Great Society

Never married women poverty rate in the U.S. is 21%. Married women poverty rate in the U.S. is 6%. You compare women without children the poverty rate for unmarried women in the U.S. is 18% and the poverty rate for married women without children is 4%.
That smells like sexism to me.

Nonprofits: The Drug of Choice for Social Justice Junkies

Nonprofits are the cheap perfume on the sociopath drug dealer that is capitalism.

Private industry will not fund nonprofits enough to do anything, but to prepare to write more grants to foundations and to go to more parties for networking.

Instead of making change, nonprofits beg for change.

Your imaginary white friend

By Teka Lark People often say race is not real. It is a social construct. This is true. Race isn’t real, but the damage of race is very real. If I have an imaginary friend that isn’t real and that imaginary friend tells me to kill you and you end up dead then that imaginary…

Uber is not what sharing looks like

By Teka Lark I don’t like misnomers. Sharing economy, free and independent are all terms that have been perverted. The sharing economy as labeled by Fortune magazine is not sharing. Uber, AirBNB is not about sharing. It is not about cooperation. Until shelter and food can be gotten in exchange for services and that option…

Oxi is No in Greek

By Teka Lark Greece just voted “no” to more austerity measures proposed by international creditors (banks) and that’s great. Greece is no crisis. Greece is a revolution against the banks, imperialism and capitalism. Greece owes about $300 billion and apparently some organization wants that money back. Just for reference, according to Reuters Citibank got a…

Marx, White Supremacy and the Left

By Teka Lark There is a saying, “The white man’s water is colder.” That saying references how within white supremacy white people’s pain, ideas and creativity are more real than non-white people’s. In many progressive circles (especially communist leaning) when you bring up anti-black racism you’ll often hear it dismissed as a symptom. There is…